RV Kitchen Storage Ideas and Tips

If there’s one common challenge with RV’s — whether you’re living in them or traveling in them, whether it’s the biggest Class A on the market or a compact camper trailer — it’s storage. On this page we’re going to focus on kitchen storage. An RV kitchen is one of those areas where space is tight, but you need a lot of accessories and room to work. If you spend time in an RV kitchen, hopefully these storage tips help.

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Most of the photos on this page have been collected from across the Internet, and we never stop being surprised at how smart and creative people can be when it comes to RV kitchen storage. If it turns out a photo is yours, we’d love to give you full credit, so please contact us. Now… on to the RV kitchen storage ideas!


Make use of the unused space on the inside of RV kitchen cabinet doors. For example, a magazine holder is the right size to hold foil and cling wrap boxes.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 01

RV Kitchen Storage Hacks

Another great idea is to put a chalkboard, whiteboard, or bulletin board on the inside of a RV kitchen cabinet door. You can also put a thin sheet of metal on the inside and use magnets to keep notes in place. Make sure you check to see if the metal is magnetic (aluminum and stainless steel aren’t, for example) before taking the time to mount it.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 02

Tilt out trays are also an excellent way to make use of unnoticed and unused RV kitchen space. This idea also keeps nasty things like dish washing sponges hidden away from the rest of the RV you worked so hard to decorate.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 03

A couple of closet rod hooks and a short length of dowel or closet rod makes a great way to store garbage bags or anything that comes in a roll.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 04

There always seems to be some space between stuff on the bottom of a shelf and the bottom of the shelf above it. This nifty under-shelf shelf is a great way to get the most out of it.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 05

The end of RV kitchen cabinets often have wasted space and this simple wire basket arrangement gives you more storage while still leaving space on the floor for other items.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 06

Spices and other things in packets are inexpensive and handy but can get out of control quickly in an RV kitchen cabinet… sliding around and falling out whenever you open the doors. A couple of cup hooks, a short piece of curtain rod, S-hooks, and binder clips are the storage solution. As a side benefit, the binder clips keep your plastic packets sealed.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 07

Back to repurposing office storage equipment for the RV kitchen. This hack makes use of the inside of cabinet doors and is an efficient way to store flat objects like cutting boards.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 08

Speaking of repurposed office supplies… here’s another great use for magazine holders. Turn it on its back edge, add a couple of twist ties or wires at the (now) bottom front and you have a nifty can holder and dispenser.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 09

Just like you home, your RV kitchen under-sink cabinet has most of the stuff piled on the bottom, leaving all the space above unused. A couple of small tension rods and wire or plastic baskets create some awesome cubbies for RV cleaning supplies.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 10

These magnetic spice racks can make use of unused surfaces and also keep those small containers from rolling all over your RV when it’s on the road.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 11

This is one of our favorite RV kitchen storage ideas — it takes a big space hog like a cutting board and stashes it away with sacrificing space.

RV Tips Kitchen Storage 12