RV Bathroom Ideas and Tips

If there’s one thing we all face in an RV — whether we’re living in them or traveling in them, whether it’s the biggest Class A on the market or a compact camper trailer — it’s where to put things. On this page we’re going to focus on bathroom storage. An RV bathroom is one of those areas where space is tight (especially wet baths), but you need a lot of accessories items and room to move around. If you’ve ever spent time in an RV bathroom, we’re sure these storage tips will help.

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Most of the tips and hacks on this page have been found on the Internet, and we simply amazed at how ingenious and creative people can be when it comes to RV bathroom storage. If it happemns that one of these photos is yours, we’d love to give you credit for the idea, so please let us know. Now… on to the RV bathroom storage ideas!


There are all kinds of variations of these modular storage shelves for bathroom vanities so, if you look around, you’re bound to find something that fits your RV.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 01

RV Bathroom Storage Hacks

Short lengths of PVC pipe are a great way to keep curling irons and other bathroom accessories close at hand and organized. The extra pieces for cord storage are a fanatic idea! The PVC can be attached with 3M Command Strips or 2-sided foam tape. We’d recommend against any kind of adhesive in case you want to change your mind later. The same logic applies to the other RV bathroom hacks on this page.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 02

We love the quick and easy bathroom garbage clean-up that results from having a plastic bag line the bin, but hate it when the bag itself falls in. Attaching these hooks keeps things nice and tidy.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 03

Tilt out trays can be a little awkward to install, depending on the style used, but there’s no denying they really help optimize every bit of available space in your RV bathroom.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 04

This is a super-simple way to add storage baskets to the inside of a bathroom vanity door (or any vertical surface for that matter). The best part is you can focus on finding the ideal basket, and then position the hooks to suit.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 05

You can never have too much toilet paper, anywhere, including your RV. These storage sleeves keep four rolls handy and nearby.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 06

This photo isn’t from an RV, but the application is a great hack for the smaller bathroom. Get a second shower curtain rod (a removable friction-fit would be ideal) to hang wet items from. This is especially good for wet bathing suits!

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 07

It seems that office supply stores — or the office section of any store — end up having all sorts of RV hacks, including bathrooms. A nice simple way to store and organize towels, wash cloths and more.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 08

Shower pocket organizers can be found everywhere — from the most expensive boutiques to dollar stores. You can them from the shower curtain rod, as shown here, or use suction cup hooks to keep them on the shower wall.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 09

As we continue with our RV bathroom tips and hacks, there’s this lovely idea. Once again, it uses a shower curtain rod or, possibly, a regular curtain rod depending on the weight it needs to hold.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 11

Why not move some kitchen storage ideas into your RV bathroom? Cutlery organizing trays can be used to organize toothbrushes and other items.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 12

What did we do before magnets? These magnetic strips can be used to keep any number of small metal items handy and in place in you RV bathroom.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 13

Someone was really thinking outside the box (the pill box) on this one. Some organizational genius converted a pill organizer into a nifty toothbrush holder.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 14

And here’s another way to keep your toothbrushes clean and dry in your RV bathroom.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 15

No place to put a towel bar in your RV bathroom? Think again! This clever hack keeps towels out of the way but close to where you need them most.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 16

Whether you put this in the bathroom or an RV closet nearby, it’ll keep your towels (and other items) organized, clean, and accessible.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 17

A super quick way to keep corded bathroom items out of sight but nearby.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 18

If you have lots of bathroom stuff, you’re going to need lots of storage space for it. These bins allow you to cram a lot into your RV bathroom vanity.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 19

If you transfer your bathroom sprayables into smaller containers, this is a great way to store them.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 20

Whether it’s towels or toilet paper, some pretty baskets make for some pretty efficient storage on some previously unsed wall space.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 21

There’s a reason motels use these style towel holders. There efficient, and efficiency is what you want in your RV bathroom.

RV Tips Bathroom Storage 22

Hopefully these tips and hacks help you get more out of bathroom in your RV. We’ll keep our eyes open for more ideas and add them as we find them.